Saturday, December 1, 2007

We have a blog!

Hi everyone.
We have decided to add a blog to our website. News about upcoming products and new arrivals will be posted here. Not to worry though, we will still continue to mail out newsletters to those of you that are part of the mailing list.
Have a good weekend!


bob said...

Who does the wonderful watercolor illustrations of the toys in the masthead of your website?


Grumble Toy said...

HI Bob!
Thanks, a few of them are mine (guy in charly brown shirt, blue lady with hood, funny robot head guy...) some are Ainsley's versions of my characters (guy with heart on his chest, sad little pink guy), and the rest are Ainsley's! I like hers the best! :) She also colored them all in with pencil crayon. You should check out her website at
It needs an update, but you can see some of her sculptures, oil paintings etc. etc.