Thursday, January 3, 2008



I just finished Bonhomme of Winnipeg and I am quite happy with the results. It didn't turn out exactly like the drawing but I think that it is pretty close. Here are a couple of pictures of him. I hope to have him available in the shop soon.

I also recently finished a couple of other new plush. They are part of Ookie's family. This is Mookie. He is Ookie's bigger brother.

This is Ookie's sister Izzy. I also hope to have some of these guys available soon. I will keep you all updated. Check out the link to our Flickr account for more pictures. The link is located on the left.

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ms frapcious said...

I like him. He's got that punk, abominable snowman swagger. Well, I'm thinking he would swagger if he got up and walked around.