Saturday, February 9, 2008

Petit Lapin by Mr. Clement

The Petit Lapin is the latest toy released by the artist, Mr. Clement.
These cute little guys come dressed in either a orange or yellow scarf. One yields a knife, the other a letter. They are made of plastic and have articulation at the neck, arms and wrists. This is a very nice little figure. Mr. Clement's characters are among some of my favorites. I love the simple, whimsical nature of his character designs.

Mr. Clement was born in Hong Kong in 1980. He started his career publishing comics in newspapers and magazines when he was 15. Now living in the UK, he has since published several graphic novels.
Mr. Clement is the artist behind the mushroomy character, Yeah Kou. This figure is based on the main character in the comic book 'Yeah Kou Phobia'.

The Petit Lapins can be found in the shop here.
Yeah Kou and his friends can be found in the shop here.

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