Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Bonhomme

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to introduce you to the newest Bonhomme, the Summer Bonhomme.
In the summer, the Bonhomme of Winnipeg changes color from gray to a rich chocolate brown. His fur becomes shorter, denser and very soft.

This is the very first Summer Bonhomme that I have made. Here he is pictured next to the tiny, little Bonhomme mini.

The Summer Bonhomme has golden yellow eyes and soft plush fur. He is the same size as the standard Bonhomme at approximately 20cm wide and standing 49cm tall from head to toe.

You can find the Summer Bonhomme here in the Grumble Toy shop.

Here he is pictured with a Bonhomme who hasn't yet lost his gray winter coat.

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