Monday, March 22, 2010

Custom Sarumon

It was a fun weekend of painting and painting for me over here at Grumble Toy. I came up with this fun KillerJ-Sarumon custom.
I'm really happy with the color scheme. I like it. I may have to paint some other toys like this. Just 'cuz I'm kinda a corny guy I think I'll call it.. the "very berry" paint scheme. tee hee.. metallic florescent pink/purple on the back, light purple with over-spray, and kinda an orange powder pink. Fun.
Anyway.. this buddy doesn't have a home yet so if anyone's interested just drop me a line: [edit: new home found]


krakit said...

All of those powerful purple-pinks
make me hungry for that cereal
called Frankenberry.

Delicious looking custom!

nefasth said...

Arg ! Amazing. Congratulations to the that fast guy who emailed first !

Grumble Toy said...

Thanks everyone!
Frankenberry! ahh, I knew it reminded me of something. :-) I guess that's why my brain said very berry!