Thursday, July 10, 2014

Grumble Toy hand-painted Stegoforest

Check out our paint run of the awesome Stegoforest soft vinyl toy by artist Jesse Narens
1/2 Dino, 1/2 cozy ecosystem.  Available online today at
The Stegoforest also comes with a little buddy, the Acorn Warrior.

Green soft vinyl with cobalt blue, black and peach coloured spray.
Limited edition of 5

A description of the Stegoforest from

Stegoforest is from the late Jurassic period, and was found in what is now known as the Pacific Northwest of North America. Stegoforest had an array of coniferous plants that grew from its back, and are thought to have been used as camouflage. Stegoforest were herbivores, but it is also speculated that they gained energy through photosynthesis as well. They averaged a height of 10 meters (from foot to tree top), and a length of 9 meters. Although it bears a striking resemblance to the Stegosaurus, this creature was neither animal or plant, but somewhere in between, making it hard for scientists to classify. The origin and veracity of Stegoforest is uncertain, as few remains are known to exist, and many have been falsified.

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