Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grumble Toy X Yamomark X ??? HP Exclusive

Yamomark purchased some vintage molds from a factory. The original maker of the molds is unknown.
Mini Bear.
About 3.5" tall.

This is a handpainted version by Chris Bryan of Grumble Toy. The paints are all his own custom pearl mixes, so this bear is shiny and cute! :-)

2 shades of pearl blue with pearl silver on the face and chest.

The molds are really old so there is degradation in the metal. There are also some seams where the mold was fused in place. These imperfections mixed with the ridiculous cuteness of the sculpts are what make these such winners for me.

This little buddy is up for sale right now!

Head on over to Grumble Toy!

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