Monday, September 6, 2010

Introducing Ilith the ilithiosaur

Ilithiosaur ver A and B

Grumble Toy is happy to present their 4th original toy "Ilith the Ilithiosaur".
This toy is designed and sculpted by Chris from Grumble Toy.
Cast in Japanese Soft Vinyl to show off every lumpy textured detail. :-)

Ilith will go on sale Friday September 10th at 9 AM CST.

The Ilithiosaur stands 6" tall, and has 1 point of articulation.
This release will include paint versions A and B and an unpainted version C.
All versions at the nice price of $35 USD.


tijit said...

nice one guys! i am looking forward to see all of the wacky paint job combos that chris will come up with!!

gearbox said...

Sculpt by Chris, well well quelle artiste!