Sunday, January 27, 2013

Exciting times for Grumble Toy

Changes are coming for Grumble Toy!

Grumble Toy is excited to announce it's new webshop opening on February 1st! will redirect to it, but we will post a direct link here on the 1st as well.

Since we now have 5 original vinyl toys (with more on the way soon!), it's time for Grumble Toy to focus on our original work.  The new shop will feature Grumble Toy originals, Exclusives, Paintings and Prints.  Maybe some shirts and other fun stuff as well.  

On Feb 1st, you can expect to see some cool new paint applications and several one-offs.

The stock currently online at will be available until the switch on February 1st.  If there is anything there that you have been putting off picking up, now is the time!

Keep following this blog for more info!

-Chris & Ainsley

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krakit said...

Congratulations on the new webshop!