Friday, February 1, 2013

And we are Live!


Grumble Toy is pleased to announce 2 new webshops!  Our new primary online shopping cart system LIVE right now!  The new shopping cart not only reflects the condensed focus of Grumble Toy, but it's a more modern interface with improved functionality.
Check it out now to see the first offering of limited edition and one of a kind items.

I mentioned 2 webshops.  Grumble Toy has created a Society6 site.
Society6 allows for high quality on demand printing of T-Shirts, iPhone/iPad cases and skins, pillows, etc. etc. etc.  Ever wanted headercard art on a pillow? 

So, check us out!


krakit said...

Does your Storenvy store have
a RSS feed? If so, I'd like to
add it to my RSS reader so I can
see when new products show up.

Are you going to use a newsletter
to let people know when new products
show up in your store? If so, I'd
like to sign up for the newsletter.

Grumble Toy said...

HI Krakit,
Storenvy used to have an RSS, but for some reason disabled it. If you sign up for a storenvy ID you can follow a shop.. not sure if the notifications go out to email or anything though.
I'm trying out one of those sites that monitor a page and update an RSS feed with changes. If it works for our cart then I'll post it here in the Blog.
As for a newsletter. We decided to do away with the newsletter for now. We might reconsider. It's partially an effort to force us to post more on the blog here and on Facebook. So... follow this site, and 'like' us over on Facebook, and you will be up to date!